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Need a quick session? Never done coaching with me before? In this session we will go deep and identify your core challenge and define what success looks like. These sessions are like gold because there is no wasted time and the information and insights you receive are priceless.

  • Credentials & Experience

    It's not enough to have a coaching certification or scholarly credentials. Nothing can replace experience working with clients as well doing one's own work. 

  • Proven Track Record

    My greatest teacher has been my life experiences. You will benefit from the thousands of hours of meditation, reflection, study, and trauma release work I've completed. I've also worked with several thousand people to assist them in meeting their life dreams.

  • Recorded Session

    You'll gain the convenience of reviewing the session so you can reflect and learn now and later should you want to review. Each session is recorded using Zoom.

  • "Ed's relationship coaching has helped to significantly transform critical aspects of my marriage that were in desperate need of attention..."

    Marietta Linney, Durango, CO

  • "Instantly I am reminded of areas where this will make so many relationships and situations "cleaner", clearer, more effective and authentic. Honestly, Ed, this is really powerful...."

    Dr. Will Harden, Portland, OR

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